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Keith Greene
Development Worker

An Irish lad still yearning for home, Keith has been working in the UK for 11 years.  He was 17 when he started his 4 year degree in Business Studies, attending the Waterford Institute of Technology, during which time he was fortunate to travel in the United States for two summers, living in New York and Cape May, New Jersey.  After graduation Keith spent a year in Australia with 5 of his friends, having a fantastic time savouring Sydney’s scintillating sights and sounds.  On return to Dublin Keith spent about 14 months working in the banking sector whilst going through the application process to join the British Army; he successfully passed the Regimental Commissions Board and began Army Officer Training at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in May 1999.  What followed was an extremely intensive physical and educational training package, developing both Leadership Skills and Military Knowledge, effectively working 7 days a week throughout that year.  Keith commissioned into the Infantry after which he attended the Platoon Commanders Battle Course, which was another 14 weeks of intensive training, preparing him for duty on the frontline.  Keith subsequently served a further 9 years in the Army during which time he was a Platoon Commander, a Rifle Company Second in Command, a Mortar Platoon Commander and a Staff and Personnel Support Detachment Commander.  He had the privilege of serving in both Northern Ireland and Iraq; he also lived in Cyprus for over two years, based in Episkopi, and has spent some time in Jordan, Kuwait and France.  After leaving the Forces in June 2008 Keith began work with an educational charity called Skill Force, working with young people in the secondary schools in Moray, delivering a complimentary curriculum allowing students the opportunity to learn different skills, skills they may not have had the opportunity to develop in the mainstream curriculum.  This was an extremely enjoyable and very rewarding post as it was a very active and very much at the ‘coal face’ role, working directly with large groups of young people watching them develop as they progressed through the Skill Force Curriculum of DofE, ASDAN, St Andrews First Aid, etc.
Keith is currently studying for a second degree through the OU as he passionately believes that education is life changing, passionately believes that education is a lifelong process, and passionately believes that education facilitates a lifetime of positive choices.        



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